Grantmaking Guidelines

Our Mission

KWDF helps people in acquiring basic human needs, and supports education that promotes the freedoms set forth in the U.S. Constitution.

Geographic Focus

KWDF provides grants to human service organizations in Tarrant County, Texas, and surrounding areas, as well as in the communities of the Permian Basin of West Texas and Southeast New Mexico.

Grants supporting Constitutional freedoms are made on a national basis.


Nonprofit organizations located within the United States that meet IRS 501(c)(3) requirements and whose work aligns with the mission of the Foundation may apply for support.

Application Guidelines

  1. Recipient organization must provide proof of tax exemption.
  2. For any donation KWDF must receive a completed Grant Application along with supporting documentation from the organization. [Learn More]
  3. Written requests for contributions should contain current supporting information.
  4. KWDF does not support or deny support to any organization because of its, or its members’, religious beliefs or political affiliations, or lack of same. However, contributions may not be used for furthering particular religious beliefs or supporting political candidates for office.
  5. An organization may be denied support by KWDF if it receives a substantial amount of government funding or if the organization acts as an intermediary to distribute such funds.
  6. KWDF provides support to organizations directly and not to organizations or individuals that act as intermediaries for funding, such as the United Way.